Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm so proud.... *sniff*

It seems strange that three siblings could be raised the exact same way, by the same parents, and two go in the right direction and one goes her own way...
Scott and I have been worried about Michelle for a long time now. How could she stray so far??

Well, our persistent love and caring has paid off. A miracle has occurred! The prodigal sibling has come home...

Michelle watched Dumb and Dumber last night!!!!

Your siblings, nieces, nephews, and cousins are so proud of you.
Welcome home, Michelle. Welcome home.


Michelle O said...

Don't be too proud too quick.....I'm still trailing in the one liner area.....remember, I've only seen the movie once!!!

Love ya, mo

Anonymous said...

It's ok!! Don't panic! You've got to crawl before you walk!!! We are here for you....before you know it you'll be telling us how you fell off the jetway again, or you will be really upset(like we are) that the toilet scene did'nt even get Mr. Daniels a sniff at the Oscars! Anyway we love you and if you need a quick know where we are!!!!WE LOVE YOU CHELL

Stacy said...

I'm*sniff*...I just.......(sigh)