Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Disney Mania

Our family loves Disneyland. We are total Disneyland freaks-- have been for a long time. We've had annual passes for 13 years, so being together at Disneyland is part of our family's fondest memories and traditions. Our son, Andrew, has worked at Disneyland for around 5 years now. He's a multi-character performer out in the park as well as in parades, and absolutely LOVES his job. I'm not supposed to be specific about what he does, (ruins the Disney magic, don't ya know!) but I will post some personal Disney pictures here that will give you some mighty big hints!

We love to just walk around Disneyland and watch people. We also love to go listen to the live Big Band music on Saturday nights and watch people swing dance. Swing dancing fascinates me. I wish I was that coordinated!

Christmas decorations are slowly going up now at D-land! I love it when they transform the park for Christmas. So does Michelle! She comes out to visit me every year in November so we can go do the "Christmas Disney" trip! Each year in December Disney puts on a mega Christmas concert called the "Candlelight Processional", and they hold auditions for local schools and church choirs to sing in it. Our school choir passed auditions in '05 and performed in the concert, and we've also passed again this year. YAY! I always get to go as a "singing chaperone", so I'm excited! It's doubly fun this year because Tori is in choir and we get to go together. It's such a blessing to be able to perform in this concert because we get to sing about Christ's birth, and the narrator (who is always a celebrity) speaks of Christ's birth and also recites the poem "One Solitary Life". It's the only spiritual thing that ever happens at Disneyland!!


Stacy said...

We miss Disney!!! How fun that he works there. I bet he's got some great stories. Do you ever come to Dallas/Fort Worth? Will you be there anytime in 2008/2009??? Let me know, OK?

Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD, HE PLAYS HATTER TOO?! sweet. must be fun to have someone at disney. it was nice meetin you~!
your cuz's daughter

Leigh Anne said...

Hi Emily! Thanks for reading my posts. I wish I could meet you in person! Maybe I will be able to when you come next year.

It IS great to have someone in the family working at Disney. He tells us interesting behind-the-scenes stories and we get great gifts from him!! HA! :-)