Thursday, November 8, 2007


Today is Skylar's birthday-- the big #5! As all can see, she is ADORABLE! (As is her Grammy Michelle!!) Happy, happy birthday to my great-niece. Love ya!


Michelle Oldaker said...

Awwwww....that's so nice.
I pulled up your blog the first day you sent us the email. When I tried to leave a comment, it wouldn't let me....this screen never came up!......well, now I can.
Love the Mickey pumpkin! Can't wait to see you and Mickey in 3 weeks! Love ya! mo

Michelle said...

Awww.....I'm going to see Skylar (and Brandon) Saturday. Have lots of birthday presents for her. Love your blog. 3 weeks and counting, can hardly wait for our annual Disney Christmas trip! Love ya! mo

Stacy said...

Michelle, you're a Gramma? I guess it's inevitable, but DANG!

Boy am I out of the loop. Just one more reason why I'm glad you're blogging, Leigh Anne. :)

I'm jealous about Disney. Really, really jealous.

Anonymous said...

Well I've tried three times to put a comment on your blog. Maybe this one will come through. I'm so glad you are doing this. We can keep up on everything everyday, right? You've done a great job. Michelle and Skylar's picture is so good. Keep them coming!

Love you,

Leigh Anne said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Michelle & Mom- as you can see, your comments finally came thru; I usually have to submit twice before mine go thru. Not sure why...

Stacy- don't be jealous, cuz!! Just make a side trip to CA when you come in '08 and we'll treat you to a Disney trip! :-)

Michelle said...

Happy Friday!
Love the picture of you and Pluto....looks kinda familiar to me....could it be that was taken about a year ago....with my camera??? See, I'm keeping a close eye on you now!
Love ya, mo

Anonymous said...

Ummmmmm........I did'nt see anything listed on your blog about your extremely gorgeous, hysterically funny little brother!!!!!! I also would like to see a dumb and dumber, "Quote Of The Week", or a "Confusing Joke Of The Week".

love ya,