Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's a start!

Oh my gosh! I'm a blogger! Never thought I would or could do it. I'm SO not a writer! I'll make many mistakes, I'm sure, but hey- this is really just for my family and closest friends, and they already know my shortcomings!

Thanks for the inspiration Stacy ;-)

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Stacy said...


You guys look great. I can't believe how much your girls look like you!

So now you get to tell us all of your funny stories, show us the pictures of your life, maybe I can see what your house looks like, see some of your crafts........ you get the idea. :) Do you feel pressured yet?

Now, if you get your kids to show you how to open a facebook account, I'll throw a sheep at you. (You'll see.)

Love you, Cuz!