Monday, November 19, 2007

We love you Buzz!

The Disneyland Christmas Parade is now in full swing! It began last Friday, and we were able to go see it on Saturday night. Our MOST FAVORITE character in the parade is Buzz Lightyear. *wink,wink* We love him--he's very near and dear to our hearts! *wink,wink* He has a brand new float in this year's parade and sits in a great Space Ranger rocket. Love it!

AND...... our most favorite Buzz *wink,wink* will be on TELEVISION in the Disneyland portion of the Walt Disney World Christmas special being aired on Christmas morning! They have already filmed the Disneyland portions, and we think Buzz will definitely have some air time. At least we hope so! So everyone be sure to tune in on Christmas morning on ABC!

Woo hoo Buzz! Way to go!


Stacy said...

I think we might be able to see that! We'll be watching over here. :)

Hey, you should look into (I think it's .com, or maybe .net) It's kind of fun to join and see what other christian blogs are like.

You're getting the hang of this pretty quick! I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving. Ours is over now, but we had a great day. :)


Leigh Anne said...

Thanks Stacy - I owe it all to you! :-)

I will definitely check out that website. Thanks!